Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My dream when I was young

Everybody have their own dream..Cik LK also have dream...
I wish many things when I was young...a young girl...

During 6 years old...I adore a Barbie Doll..*hmm girly-minded that time..hmm I wanna be the most beloved child to my mom n dad...i don want my other siblings being loved more then me...* haiya...what kind of person of me that time (hehe what 2 say? I'm anak bongsu/the youngest child) but then when become older n older n older...i realize that we have to be fair n square...sharing love with my siblings...sharing everything with my siblings...Kak Na, Abang Zul, Kak Kam, Kak Hajar =)

During 7 years old...i want 2 go to circus...*thank to Allah....there is a circus from oversea come to my place (don know that circus team come from where..i was too young that time)...i got free tickets for two...so my father accompany me... *really miss my late-father =) (al-fatihah for him)....the most sweet moment for me because my dream came true =)....but then there is no more circus team come to my place after that. I'm still remember this "circus moment" because it was the most precious moment with my father =) love u dad <3

There are too many things I dream till now...and I realized that we need "Mr. Effort" in order to achieve what we dream...for example....if we want 2 success with flying color  in exam,we need to study hard.....THE MOST IMPORTANT IS EFFORT,TAWAKAL AND DOA =)

Ingredients: Effort, tawakal, doa

How to make it:
1. Put a lot of effort
2. Tawakal to Allah
3. Pray and recite doa to Allah

But make sure : you dream GOOD things not bad things...

When i was young....i dream a lots....some of its (like above)....but now the most thing i want to do is to accompany my beloved mak to Makkah to perform Haj...and insyaAllah do "upah haji" for my beloved late father....love mom n dad forever =)

For those who still have father and mother, u all have to appreciate them and make them happy =) 


  1. when i was young i dream of a better life than i had then,now everything is in righy place...no need to argue...thank you Allah

  2. Alhamdulillah =) rezeki Allah thanks Allah


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