Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Importance of Water


Today Cik Za wanna share wit u all about importance of water. It is very essential to our body.

*Thanks to Mizjuz*

Water plays a big role in our body system.Water makes up 2/3 of human body weight and without water, we will die in a few days. Many of our organs like brain, lungs and blood constitute more than 80% of water. The human brain is made up of 95% water, lungs is 90% and blood 82%. All the cells and organs in our body are depending on water for their effective functioning. Our body from head to toe needs water.

Water is important to the mechanism of our body. There are many functions of water. Water serves as a lubricant. It also helps to regulate the temperature of our body as heating and cooling is distributed through the perspiration process. Besides, it also moisturizes and protects our joints. Moreover, it helps to absorb nutrients in the intestines and forms the base material for saliva. Water also helps with metabolism.

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It is a better start of the day by drinking a glass full of water. Drink some water before exercise and even during exercise if you feel tired and fatigue. You may always drink some water after a gap of two-three hours. It will help your body system function efficiently. We only realize the importance of water when our body suffer from dehydration.

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